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Books and other materials are available on loan, to paid-up members, for one month in the first instance. If not required by another member the loan period can be extended by contacting the librarian.

The Society bears the cost of outgoing postage. The method will be decided by the Librarian, lst class, signed for or special delivery. Return must be by the same method and packing secure. Certificates of posting must be obtained.

Items too large, or too valuable to post, can be reserved and handed over at the first suitable opportunity.

Photocopies of small items, up to 10 pages, can be provided and the society bears the cost. These are sent out postage paid by the Librarian.

This list is not yet complete. If you don't find what you want, please ask.

The following listing is divided into BOOKS and JOURNALS. Please provide AUTHOR and TITLE to the librarian when requesting a book, or JOURNAL TITLE and ISSUE or YEAR when requesting a Journal loan.

The Librarian's contact details can be found in the latest edition of THE SCOTTISH POST.


TitleAuthor(s)DateIssueSubjectsWeight kgSizePages
"To be sorted"Kirkwood   "To be sorted"0.31A5101pp
100 years of Philatelic Congress of GBSearle, Colin2009 GB Congress0.69A4168pp
20th Report on the Commissioners of Inquiry into the Collection and Management of the Revenue arising in Ireland and GBHouse of Commons1830 Post Office Revenue Scotland Folio365pp
30 years of Congress CoversScotland & Philately  Scottish Congress Covers0.046 24pp
A History of Portsoy Post OfficeSlater, James1999 Portsoy0.06A526pp
A History of Wreck CoversHopkins, A.E.19673rd EdWreck Covers0.6  
A4 files Volumes 1-8 1829 - 1879 & Telegraph 1870 - 1898Kirkwood     A4 
A4 files Volumes 9 - 12/13 1880 - 1918 Kirkwood     A4 
AberdeenWaterman, J.J.  Miscellaneous letters, papers and photocopies3.6300x290x70 
Aberdeen Crown StreetWaterman, J.J.  Civic Opening, Plans, Contemporary newspapers 310x250x35 
Aberdeen Hand StampsWaterman, J.J.  Historical summary; also handstamps by type3.4300x290x70 
Aberdeen Machine Marks and MiscellaneousWaterman, J.J.  Typed notes, extracts from Date Impression books2.4300x290x70 
Aberdeen MapsStables, R.; Waterman J.J.  Maps of Aberdeen A4 file 
Aberdeen Maritime MarksGraham, David  Aberdeen Maritime Marks0.055A48pp
Aberdeen Town Sub-OfficesWaterman, J.J.  Includes local delivery offices (near Aberdeen)3.5300x290x50 
AberdeenshireKirkwood   Aberdeenshire Postmarks A5 
Aberdeenshire Vol I (A-D)Waterman, J.J.  Arranged by Parish, offices in Parish alphabetically2.42315x270x60 
Aberdeenshire Vol II (E-I)Waterman, J.J.  Echt to Inverurie (Buanhervie)2.68310x270x60 
Aberdeenshire Vol III (K-M)Waterman, J.J.  Keig Parish, Whitehouse P.O., Monymusk Parish, Blairdaff2.22310x270x60 
Aberdeenshire Vol IV (N-P)Waterman, J.J.  New Deer Parish & P.O. - Pitsligo Parish, Ardlaw2.12310x270x60 
Aberdeenshire Vol V (R-U)Waterman, J.J.  Rathen & Lonmay Parish, Cortes Receiving House - Udny Parish, Udny Station S.O.2.12310x270x60 
An Historical Atlas of Scotland 400-1600McNeil, P.; Nichols, O.R.19751st Ed 0.49 213pp
Angus and DundeeKirkwood   Angus and Dundee Postnmarks0.4A5200pp
Auction Catalogue, Argyll Etkin 45Evans, Ian43896 Auction catalogue and prices realised0.69 189pp
Auction of Scottish Postal HistoryMurray, Robert2005 Collection of David Jefferies St Kilda, with prices realised A519pp
AyrshireKirkwood   Ayrshire Postmarks0.4A5143pp
BanffKirkwood   Banffshire Postmarks A5 
Bibliography of the Philately and Postal History of the British IslesSummers, Howard20201stPhilately & Postal History of the British Isles0.62A4209
Book 12, Minor Scottish Railways (inc GNS)Alsop, J.; Hilton, B.; Wright, I. PhotocopyPicture Postcards of the Railway Companies0.27A443pp
Book 13, North British RailwayAlsop, J.; Hilton, B.; Wright, I.  Picture Postcards of the Railway Companies A4 
Book 14, Highland RailwayAlsop, J.; Hilton, B.; Wright, I.  Picture Postcards of the Railway Companies A5 
Book 15, Caledonian RailwayAlsop, J.; Hilton, B.; Wright, I.  Picture Postcards of the Railway Companies A4 
British Civilian Postal Rates of the 20th CenturyFurfie, M.20001st EdGB Postal Rates0.105 62pp
British County Catalogue of Postal History Vol 1Willcocks R.H.; Jay B.19781st EdCounty Postal History0.23 90pp
British County Catalogue of Postal History Vol 2 Willcocks R.H.; Jay B.19811st EdCounty Postal History0.27 114pp
British County Catalogue of Postal History Vol 3Willcocks R.H.; Jay B.19831st EdCounty Postal History0.428 196pp
British County Catalogue of Postal History Vol 4Willcocks R.H.; Jay B.19881st EdCounty Postal History0.33 146pp
British County Catalogue of Postal History Vol 5Willcocks R.H.; Jay B.19901st EdCounty Postal History0.33 130pp
British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations, 1840-1875Moubray, J.; Moubray, M.19921st EdBritish Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations, 1840-18752.02A4512pp + xxiv
British Pleasure Steamer CachetsAlexander, Crawford; Dovey, Mike; Ellerton, Geoff2011 British Pleasure Steamer Cachets (includes Clyde) (Author signed)0.25A475pp
British Post Office Numbers 1844 - 1906Brumell, G.1971Reprint 0.33 138pp
British Post Office Numbers 1924 - 1969MacKay, James A.1981  0.2A450pp
British Postal Rates 1937 to 2000Johnson R., Peet G.2000 GB Postal Rates; Dulac, Wilding, Machin0.55A4164pp
British Printed Paper by Post, 1836-1876Fryer, Gavin20181st Ed 2.7 744pp
Brunswick Star CancelsArundel, Richard; Ed Taylor, R & Hughes, M20122nd EdBrunswick Star Cancels0.14A545pp
Caledonian Railway Hand StampsStables R.S.1983 Jimmy Gall Trophy Entry 1983 - photocopy0.135A416pp
Camp Postmarks of the UKKingston, R.A.1971 Camp Postmarks0.28A445pp
ClackmannanshireKirkwood   Clackmannanshire Postmarks0.03A5 
Clackmannanshire & Stirlingshire Postal HistoryCochrane, William P.20191st EdPart 1 - Clackmannanshire0.9A4280pp
Collect British Postal HistoryWhitney J.T.19977th Ed 1.35 350pp
Collect British PostmarksPipe, Bill20118th EdBritish Postmarks0.75240x170mm378pp
Collect British PostmarksPipe, Bill20139th EdBritish Postmarks0.85A5423pp
Collect the Sideways DuplexAtkinson, D.R.1969 Sideways Duplex Postmark   
"Dear Granny Smith"Mayall, Roy2009 Stories of changes to the post office service, from the postman's perspective 15cmx11cm120pp
Display to RPSL 04/02/14 by Scottish MembersStone, J.2014 Copy of displays A452pp
Dotted Circle CancelsArundel, Richard1996 Scottish Dotted Circle cancels0.185A5100pp
Dotted Circle Postmarks of ScotlandDouglas, James19621st EdDotted Circle Postmarks0.17A535pp
Dotted Circle Postmarks of ScotlandDouglas, James19702nd EdDotted Circle Postmarks0.475A467pp
DumfriesKirkwood   Dumfriesshire Postmarks0.025A591pp
Dumfries Postal HistoryMacKay, James A.1986  0.42A4120pp
Early Scottish East Coast MailsStables R.S.1982 Jimmy Gall Trophy Entry 1982 - photocopy0.105A417pp
East LothianKirkwood   East Lothian Postmarks0.1A540pp
Edinburgh & Leith Directory 1870 - 1871Post Office1871 Directory of Businesses0.97 675pp
Edinburgh & Leith OfficesKirkwood   Edinburgh & Leith Offices Postmarks0.42A5 
Edinburgh M PostmarksHamilton, Ian B  Edinburgh M Postmarks0.11A4 
Edinburgh Volume 1 (1836 - 1879)Kirkwood   Edinburgh Postmarks0.23A5 
Edinburgh Volume 2 (1880 - 1918)Kirkwood   Edinburgh Postmarks0.46A5 
Edinburgh-Leith & Edinburgh District Offices - Postal markings of Scotland to 1840Parkin, S.20143rd EdUpdate of 2nd Ed0.515A4 card147pp
Encyclopaedia of the British Empire Postage Stamps Robson Lowe19481st Ed reprintVolume 1 - Great Britain and The Empire in Europe0.63Quarto296pp
England's Postal HistoryWillcocks R.H.19751st EdPostal History, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales0.7 168pp
English & Welsh Postmarks since 1840MacKay, James A.1980  0.705A4254pp
English Provincial Local Posts 1765-1840Oxley, G.F.  Include rarity guide to provincial posts0.44250x150mm15pp
Experimental Duplex Cancellations of ScotlandScottish Postmark Group 1st EdScottish Experimental Duplex0.18A528pp
Experimental Duplex Cancellations of ScotlandScottish Postmark Group 2nd EdScottish Experimental Duplex0.36A438pp
Explanatory MarksKirkwood   Edinburgh Explanatory Marks0.05A530pp
FifeKirkwood   Fire Postmarks0.44A5 
First Slogan Canceller in GB - 1917-8 'War Bonds'Keneally, R.A.1980 Slogan cancellation (first)0.11A433pp
For the Port and Carriage of LetterRobinson, David1990Ist/2nd Imp  A4 Card250pp
GB Postal HistoryStone, Peter  Scots Ship Letters   
GB used abroad: Cancellations and Postal MarkingsParmenter, John; Gordon, Ken20161st EdCancellations and Postal markings of GB mail used abroad1.78A4390pp
GlasgowKirkwood   Glasgow Postmarks0.32A5 
Glasgow Directory & CompanionJones, Nathaniel1787Reprint 1868Information on Glasgow Businesses and People 12"83pp
Glasgow Suboffice and District A-LKirkwood   Glasgow Suboffice and District A-L Postmarks0.2A5 
Glasgow Suboffice and District M-ZKirkwood   Glasgow Suboffice and District M-Z Postmarks0.17A575pp
Glasgow Town Receiving Houses, 1840-1860Cochrane, William P.2017 Town Receiving Houses of Glasgow0.77A4221pp
Graham Booth Collection of Scottish Steamer Mail, & Prices RealisedAuction Catalogue - Argyll-Etkin2016 Scottish Steamer Mail0.13A422pp
Great Britain Numbers Issued, 1840-191?Hyde, Rikki C1990 Great Britain Numbers Issued, 1840-191?0.06A532pp
Great Britain: Failed Free Handstamps of the Franking SystemGalland, Robert B.; Colton, John E.2014  0.325A484pp
Handbook of Irish Postal History to 1840Feldman & Kane1975 Irish Postal History0.45 131pp
High value packet Service & Bankers' Special PackersMelrose, Max ArticleHigh value packet Service & Bankers' Special Packers0.055A45pp
Historical Notes on AberdeenWaterman, J.J.  Historical Aberdeen0.26A439pp
Index to Codes of all Telegraph Offices in the UKPost Office1909 Telegraph Office codes of UK0.612"x8"78pp
Index to Minuted PapersPost Office Archives Post 122(1) 1886-1969; (2) 1883-1973; (3) 1913-1969   
Indictment for letter stealing of Thomas Urquhart (Deputy Post-master at Kirkwall) and his son David Urquhart, August 1797Hihj Court of Justiciary1797Reproduction copy 0.09245x185mm18pp
International Postal Rates 1890's to 1957Furfie, Michael20101st Ed 0.27A490pp
Introduction & Guide to the Travelling Post Offices of Great BritainGoodbody, A.M.19832nd EdTravelling Post Offices0.04 16pp
InvernessKirkwood   Inverness-shire Postmarks0.26A5150pp
Inverurie displayStables R.S.1983 Inverurie0.125A414pp
Irish Postmarks since 1840MacKay, James A.1982 Irish postmarks0.62A4222pp
Islands Postal History - Arran & CumbraeMacKay, James A.1978 Arran & Cumbrae0.16A439pp
Islands Postal History - ButeMacKay, James A.1979 Bute0.16A438pp
Islands Postal History - Coll, Tiree, Iona & MullMacKay, James A.1979 Coll, Tiree, Iona & Mull0.16A437pp
Islands Postal History - Harris & St KildaMacKay, James A.1978 Harris & St Kilda0.13A430pp
Islands Postal History - Island SupplementMacKay, James A.1980 Island Supplement0.25A464pp
Islands Postal History - Islay & JuraMacKay, James A.1979 Islands Postal History - Islay & Jura0.16A439pp
Islands Postal History - Isle of WightMacKay, James A.1981 Isle of Wight0.51A4112pp
Islands Postal History - LewisMacKay, James A.1978 Lewis0.23A462pp
Islands Postal History - Orkney & StronaMacKay, James A.1979 Orkney & Strona0.26A464pp
Islands Postal History - ShetlandMacKay, James A.1979 Shetland0.29A470pp
Islands Postal History - Skye & Small IsleMacKay, James A.1978 Skye & Small Isle0.28A470pp
Islands Postal History - Uists & BarraMacKay, James A.1978 Uists & Barra0.22A457pp
Journal of Railway Philatelic GroupRailway Philately  Railway Philately   
Journal of TPO & Seapost SocietyTPO1957-74 TPO & Seapost Society   
KincardineshireKirkwood   Kincardineshire Postmarks0.07A532pp
Kincardineshire Post Offices and Postmarks, 1741-2017Dow, B., Walker B.M.2017 Kincardineshire Postmarks & Post Offices0.62A4171pp
Kinross-shireKirkwood   Kinross-shire Postmarks0.02A510pp
KirkcudbrightKirkwood   Kirkudbrightshire Postmarks0.14A551pp
Kirkwood proof books 1829-1918Scottish Postal History Society  Scottish postmarks 1829-1918 A4 
Krag Machine Postmarks of Great Britain & Northern IrelandCarter, Paul T2012 Krag Machine Postmarks of Great Britain & Northern Ireland0.6A5277pp
Lanarkshire Post Offices and Their Postmarks, 1840-2016Dow, Brian; Woods, Terence20171st EdLanarkshire Post Offices and Their Postmarks, 1840-20160.9A4259pp
Late Fee and Too Late StampsStitt Dibden, W.G.1966  0.22A561pp
Letters from thr 1918 Armistice 20181at Ed1918 Armistice post0.76A4198pp
List of Post Offices in UKPost Office1977 Post Offices of UK - list0.72A4534pp
List of Public Notices and Instructions to Post MasterPost Office1901 Public Notices, Instructions 1840 - 19000.84Foolscap97pp
Living in Scotland 1760 - 1820Cameron, A.D.1977ReprintScottish Social History0.26A5150pp
Loose (Grey/Pink boxes; A3 folder)Kirkwood     A3 
Machine Marks - Illustrated List of marks made by Rapid Cancelling MachinesPeach, Jack19822nd Ed 0.28A528pp ?
Manuscript Postal Markings of the WorldRoberts, T.V.1989     
Manuscript Town Markings on early Scottish MailClarke, Rex20121st EdManuscript Town Markings on early Scottish Mail0.545A4147pp
Maps of ScotlandUnknown & Various  Photocopies of maps of Scotland0.94A4 
Masters of the PostCampbell-Smith, Duncan2011 The Authorised History of the Royal Mail1.45 849pp
MidlothianKirkwood   Midlothian Postmarks0.18A551pp
Mileage Marks of ScotlandAuckland, A. Bruce1965 Mileage marks A571pp
Miscellaneous (duplications)Kirkwood   Miscellaneous Postmarks (duplications)0.05A520pp
Mobile Post Offices (working papers for update)  WIP 0.15A4 
Monarch of all they surveyedFoxell, J.T., Spafford, A.O.1952 History of Post Office Surveyors A555pp
Money Letters & Registered Mail, G IV and QVReid, Charles  Photocopy of collection0.445A470pp
MorayshireKirkwood   Morayshire Postmarks0.15A552pp
NairnKirkwood   Nairn Postmarks0.02A57pp
Numeral Cancellations of Scotland from 1844Current, Tom1982 Numeral Cancellations of Scotland from 18440.14280x220mm 
Numbered Postmarks of Scotland Vol 1Douglas, James1967 Scottish Numeral Postmarks0.25A569pp
Official Mail of the British IslesMacKay, James A.1983 OHMS0.92A4349pp
Ordnance Gazetter of ScotlandGroome, Francis H.18962nd EdVolume 1: A > Coru1.21268x170mm288pp
Ordnance Gazetter of ScotlandGroome, Francis H.18962nd EdVolume 2: Cor > Eyn1.21268x170mm272pp
Ordnance Gazetter of ScotlandGroome, Francis H.18962nd EdVolume 3: Fad > Hyn1.2268x170mm280pp
Ordnance Gazetter of ScotlandGroome, Francis H.18962nd EdVolume 4: I > Lyth1.21268x170mm288pp
Ordnance Gazetter of ScotlandGroome, Francis H.18962nd EdVolume 5: Maa > Rye1.2268x170mm292pp
Ordnance Gazetter of ScotlandGroome, Francis H.18962nd EdVolume 6: Sad > Zet1.4268x170mm334pp
Other Men's Heroes' - Scots on StampsJames, Alwyn1982   235x165mm173pp
P.O. Circulation MapsStables, R.  PO circulation maps A4 
Paquebot Cancellations of the World & MoreDovey, M & Morris, K20124th EdPaquebot Cancellations1.26A4350pp
Parcel Post of the British IslesMacKay, James A.1982 Parcel Post 0.65A4232pp
Parcel Postage Rates & LabelsRaith, Nicholas J.P.; (Simpson, O.J.)1953HandoutParcel Postage Rates & Labels0.08A412pp
Peeblesshire and Selkirkshire Offices & Postmarks 1971-2019Brown, John; Dow, Brian20191st EdPeeblesshire and Selkirkshire post offices and post marks0.63A4176pp
Penny Posts and Postal Routes of Fife and KinrossCochrane, William P2014 Penny Posts and Postal Routes of Fife and Kinross circa A4417pp
Penny Posts of Edinburgh DistrictAuckland A.B., Bonar J.J.1972 Edinburgh Penny Posts0.24 76pp
Penny Posts of ScotlandAuckland, Bruce; Oxley, Geoff1978 Penny Posts 220x150mm54pp
Penny Posts of Wales before 1840Scott, Archer  Penny Posts - refer Oxley0.02A59pp
PerthshireKirkwood   Perthshire Postmarks0.5A5167pp
Perthshire Post Offices and Postmarks, 1725-2018Dow, Brian; Grant, James20181st EdPerthshire Post Offices and Postmarks0.995A4292pp
Philately in ScotlandJunior Philatelic Society of Scotland 1st seriesVolume 2/1 to Volume 2/11   
Pictons Priced Postcards CatalogueWhitney F.T.198310th Ed 0.3 174pp
Post Bus Country - Glimpses of Rural ScotlandBurnie, Joan1994 Scottish Social History   
Post Office & Empire ExhibitionMoss, Graham1988  0.08A560pp
Post Office Acts 1710 - 1837 (Add 1838 - 1844)HMSO1976ReprintPost Office regulations  94pp
Post Office Counter BulletinsPost Office1975-79 Post Office Counter Bulletins 1 - 251.32A4 binder 
Post Office in Falkirk & DistrictClarkson, W.W. 2nd EdFalkirk Post Offices0.11A5150pp
Post Office Issue Books, 1885-1894Stables, R.S. Photocopy 3.276A4 binder200+ pp
Post Office Issue Books 1900, Skeletons 1900-04Stables, R.S. PhotocopySkeleton Postmarks2.68A4 binder150+ pp
Post Office Workers - A Trade Union and Social HistoryClinton, Alan1984  1.3Quarto713
Post Offices in ScotlandHenderson, J.R.1966Handbook 6 0.24200x165mm 
Post Offices in ScotlandMacKay, James A.    A4127pp
Post Roads, Post Towns, Post RatesRobertson, Alan W.  And later rates and Perpetual Calendar A4 
Postage Stamps of Great BritainRobson Lowe19432nd Ed 0.35A5186pp
Postal Documents held by Register HouseRegister House  Postal History0.16 25pp
Postal History Markings of Scotland to 1840Auckland, A. Bruce1985 Scottish Postal Markings0.34A5190pp
Postal History of GB and IrelandWillcocks R.H.; Jay B.19812nd Ed 0.25 82pp
Postal History of PerthBlair N.  Perth0.13A527pp
Postal History of StirlingClarkson, W.W.1981 Stirling0.06210x145mm36pp
Postal History, Miscellaneous ArticlesVarious Authors  Articles taken from publications0.32A4 
Postal Markings of Scotland to 1808Auckland, A.B.1978 Postal markings0.31215x150mm144pp
Postal Reform and the 1d BlackMuir, Douglas N.1990  0.65A5242pp
Posted Since Last Night CancelsArundel, Richard  Posted Since Last Night Cancels0.16A555pp
Posted Since Last Night EdinburghAuckland, Bruce  Posted Since Last Night Edinburgh0.05  
Posted Since Last Night GlasgowAuckland, Bruce  Posted Since Last Night Glasgow0.05  
Postmarks of GB and IrelandAlcock R.C., Holland F.C.19401st EdScottish Postmarks, 1660 - 19401  
Postmarks of TM Date Impression Books - Post Office Records Section 1Welsted W.R.1979 Postmarks, Post Office Records A597pp
POW Camps in Scotland (includes article by D Jefferies and J Mackay)Burrows, Peter; also Mackay, J., Jefferies,D.2014 POW Camps in Scotland0.06A49pp
Protest "stamps" and covers of Robert Burns, 1956-1966Watson, Norman2020 Robert Burns philately0.48A4143pp
Railway Sorting Offices of GBGoodbody, A.M.1983 Railway Sorting Offices0.11A532pp
Railway Station PostmarksGowden, D.P.  Railway Station Postmarks0.15A5+44pp
Railways, The Post & TPOsUnknown & Various  Articles & Research Notes (Stables & Waterman)0.67A4113pp
Rates to ReformClarke, Rex20091st EdGB Postal Rates1.135A4262pp
RenfrewshireKirkwood   Renfrewshire Postmarks0.26A592pp
Robertson RevisitedTabeart Colin1997  0.87 314pp
Roger Hosking Collection of Sea Posts and Paquebots of the WorldCavendish Auctions2014 Includes prices realised   
Ross & CromartyKirkwood   Ross- and Cromarty-shire Postmarks0.25A5120pp
Roxburghshire and PeeblesKirkwood   Roxburghshire and Peebles-shire Postmarks0.28A597pp
Royal MailKay, F. George1951  0.5 198pp
Royal Mail - The Post Office since 1840Daunton, M.J.1985 Includes pencil notes by Prof Peter Payne, Professor of Economic History at Adberdeen University  388pp
Sanders Philatelic Journal articlesSanders Philatelic Journal1959-72 File of Articles0.375A4 
Sanquhar Post Office - Oldest in the WorldClose, Duncan C20121st EdHistory of Sanquhar Post Office A5120pp
Scotland - The Additional HalfpennyPhillips, P.1974 Scotland - The Additional Halfpenny A48pp
Scotland in StampsHill, C.W.1972  0.425215x140mm147pp
Scotland Maps   Maps of Scotland Foolscap 
Scotland's First Philatelic SocietyFleming, Ian J.1993 Philatelic History A536pp
Scotland's PostMacKay, James A.2000  0.765A4199pp
Scots Local A1 -B2Kirkwood   Scots Local Postmarks A1 -B20.15A542pp
Scots Local C1Kirkwood   Scots Local Postmarks C10.26A591pp
Scots Local C2, C3-6Kirkwood   Scots Local C2, C3-6 Postmarks0.075A525pp
Scots Local CancellationMeredith, C.W.1953 Scots Local Cancellations0.12 43pp
Scots Local Cancellations - Matched PairsMeredith, C.W.  Scots Local Cancellations - Matched Pairs0.025 8pp
Scots Local D - EKirkwood   Scots Local D - E Postmarks0.21A575pp
Scots Local Name StampsScottish Postmark Group1964 Handbook 4 200x150mm56pp
Scots Paid/UnpaidKirkwood   Scots Paid/Unpaid Postmarks0.03A517pp
Scots PhilatelistJunior Philatelic Society of Scotland  Volume 2/1 to Volume 5/8   
Scottish Airmails 1919-1979Beith, Richard19811st EdScottish Airmails0.19A583pp
Scottish BoxedKirkwood   Scottish Boxed Postmarks0.14A548pp
Scottish Penny PostsMacKenzie, George1983 Refer Auckland & Oxley0.01 2pp
Scottish Post Bus GuideRoyal Mail  Post Bus0.14 72pp
Scottish Postal History to 1711Fenning, A. Malcolm2015 Scottish Postal History to 1711; Paper to RSPL 29/10/15; A4 booklet and A4 folder of Powerpoint presentation A49pp
Scottish TPO Postmarks, A ChecklistWaterman J.J.  Travelling Post Offices of Scotland0.32A4106pp
Scottish TPO's Their History and PostmarksWard, C.W.1947 TPO's of Scotland, history and postmarks0.9250x180mm28pp
Scottish Twin-arc Postmarks with Stampers Numbers 1894 - 1963MacKay, James A.1983 Twin-arc postmarks with stampers' numbers0.28A453pp
Scottish Twin-arc Sans SerifKirkwood   Scottish Twin-arc Sans Serif Postmarks0.18A560pp
Serriffed Date Stamps, Single and Double-ArcKirkwood   Serriffed Date Stamps, Single and Double-Arc Postmarks0.1A530pp
Shetland, Britain's Nethermost Post Office?Kindley, A.D.2010 Shetland0.185A432pp
Sideways DuplexTraill R.G.; Holland F.C.1975 Sideways Duples of GB0.09A525pp
Slogan Postmarks of the 70'sParsons, Cyril R.M. Et al1972 Slogan postmarks0.44A5260pp
Slogan Postmarks of the 90's Part 1 1990-1994Parsons, Cyril1995 Slogan postmarks0.21 124pp
Special Event Postmarks of UKPearson, George R.19631st EdSpecial Event Postmarks0.14A452pp
Special Events Postmarks of the UKPearson, George R.19732nd EdSpecial Event Postmarks0.42A4120pp
Special Events Postmarks of the UKPearson, George R.; Peachey, C.19914th EdVolume 1 - Early Years 1851-1962 A588pp
Squared Circle PostmarksStitt Dibden, W.G.19742nd Ed 0.2260x210mm29pp
St Kilda - Its Post & CommunicationsMacKay, James A.  St Kilda0.36A474pp
St Kilda - Its Post & CommunicationsMackay, James A.1963 St Kilda0.26A573pp
Stamp & Postal History NewsMacKenzie, George  Scottish Penny Posts0.02 2pp (30-31)
StirlingKirkwood   Stirling Postmarks0.05A514pp
StirlingshireKirkwood   Stirlingshire Postmarks0.24A594pp
Suffragettes and the PostWatson, Norman2010  0.43 104pp
Surcharged Mail of the British IslesMacKay, James A.1984 Surcharged mail0.75A4138pp
SutherlandKirkwood   Sutherland Postmarks0.09A536pp
Telegraph and Express Delivery Service Instructions for Messengers in London & ProvincesHMSO1908  0.0753"x5 1/2"63pp
Telegraphic Codes of the British Isles 1870 - 1924MacKay, James A.1981  0.28A490pp
The "Bar Cut" postmarks of EdinburghAitchison, Ian M. PamphletEdinburgh Postmarks0.01 5pp
The "Edinburgh M" postmarkAitchison, Ian M.1971PamphletEdinburgh Postmarks0.01 5pp
The Additional ½d Mail Coach Tax 1813-1839Stitt Dibden, W.G.1963 The Additional ½d Mail Coach Tax 1813-18390.23520cm x 25 cm77pp
The Brunswick StarArnot J. 1st EdEdinburgh Brunswick Star Postmarks  16pp
The Brunswick StarArnot, James  Edinburgh Brunswick Star postmarks0.03215x140mm16pp
The Circular Mileage Marks of the North EastStables R.S.  Circular Mileage Marks of NE Scotland0.105A416pp
The Drift Envelope Experiment in the N.E. Atlantic OceanLawford, A.L.1954Internal ReportThe Drift Envelope Experiment in the N.E. Atlantic Ocean0.18A414pp + 3
The encyclopedia of the Maltese Cross, Vol 1Rockoff, S.D.; Jackson, M.2010 Maltese Cross postmarks   
The Encyclopedia of the Maltese Cross, Vol 1Rockoff, S.D.; Jackson, M.2006 Maltese Cross postmarks1.16A4181pp
The encyclopedia of the Maltese Cross, Vol 2Rockoff, S.D.; Jackson, M.2010 Maltese Cross postmarks   
The Encyclopedia of the Maltese Cross, Vol 2Rockoff, S.D.; Jackson, M.2008 Maltese Cross postmarks1.16A4174pp
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