The Scottish Postal History Society

Society Competition - The Jimmy Gall Trophy

This is a 16 sheet competition on any aspect of Scottish Postal History . The event is held during the Annual Conference and AGM Weekend and is open to any Member of the Society. The competition is judged by those present! The trophy was presented to the Society by Jimmy Gall the well know Glasgow Stamp dealer and member of the Society.

Nice Trophy!      Do have a go! Entry is FREE    Any topic, provided its Scottish Postal History !

Judged by your friends (at least you might think they are!) Trophy held for a year     

Join the list of revered winners  Have your winning entry displayed on this web site!

Great fun!

2008 Bill Shand receiving the trophy from President Willie King.

2009 Roy Erskine receiving the trophy from President Willie King.

Previous Winners of the Jimmy Gall Trophy are as follows:

1981  D. HILDITCH 1996  E.C. TAWN 2011 SANDY MacCALMAN
1982  R.A. STABLES 1997  D.P. ROBINSON 2012
1983  T.J. WOODS 1998  C.Y. REID 2013
1984  R.A. STABLES 1999  J.M.H. PARKIN 2014
1985  I. OWEN 2000  R.A. STABLES 2015
1986  G. MacKENZIE 2001  N.R. CLARK 2016
1987  R.A. STABLES 2002  N.R. CLARK 2017
1988  D.P. ROBINSON 2003  S.R.H. PARKIN 2018 Dr James Grant
1989  No Name recorded 2004  W.E. SHAND 2019
1990  G. MOSS 2005 A.D. MacCALMAN  
1991  No Name recorded 2006 N.R. CLARK  
1992  D.P. ROBINSON 2007 W.A KING  
1993  C.Y. REID 2008 W.E. SHAND  

The A Bruce Auckland Centennial Quaich 

To Commemorate the 100th Birthday of our Honorary President Bruce Auckland, the Society presented a trophy to The Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies to be awarded to the best Scottish Postal History exhibit in the National Exhibition (competition).

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