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David Shaw asks....?

I recently came across an 1893 Postal Stationery Card from TURNER & Co. STAMP DEALERS, HADDINGTON offering 1000 1d and 1/2d JAMAICA 'Officials' for £2 cash, post free to someone in BELGIUM .  I wonder if anyone has a record for the earliest known Stamp Dealer in Scotland ?  Does anyone know what became of Messrs. Turner & Co.?

1 1/2d Surcharge Handstamps      Terry Woods

This is a nice little postcard from Los Angeles to Larkhall, Lanarkshire, underpaid at the overseas rate. It has been landed at Glasgow where it has been sorted and the Glasgow 1 1/2d./159 handstamp applied. My question is regarding these charge marks which did not have wide distribution in Scotland . I have never seen any used with a 1 1/2d value, only 1d, 2d or the late use of the UPP "1" or "2" from any small towns. Do any of these 1 1/2d value handstamps exist outside the larger cities? Do any members have an example?


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