Literature List

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Alba Stamp Group, Scots and Stamps, 1991.
Alcock, R. C. Scots Local Cancellations Illustrated                            
Alcock & Holland Maltese Cancellations of the United Kingdom    
Anderson , John Scots Local Cancellations. 
ANSPEX Handbook 1950 includes notes on Scots Locals.
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Current, T. Numeral Cancels of Scotland From 1844, no date.
Edinburgh Philatelic Society Golden Jubilee Handbook 1977 features article by the Scottish Postmark Group on the Edinburgh "M" and "Bar Cut" datestamps
Erskine Roy & Stephens Paul Scots Local Namestamps
Gunn, Alastair  Four Letters to Hector Macdonald, Writer to the Signet Edinburgh, from Boreray and Killegray, 1799-1823
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The Scottish Postmark Group, The Numbered Postmarks of Scotland.
The Scottish Postmark Group, The Dotted Circle Postmarks of Scotland.
The Scottish Postmark Group, Mileage Marks of Scotland. 
The Scottish Postmark Group, Scot Local Namestamps.
The Scottish Postmark Group, Post Offices of Scotland.
Watson, Norman  The Postal History of Perth 1900-2000.
Willcocks, R. England's Postal History to 1840 with Notes on Scotland, Wales and Ireland, 1975.

                                     Websites Featuring Scottish and British Postal History

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National Postal Museum of Great Britain  
The R.M.Phillips Collection
The British Library, Philatelic Collections [ holders of the National Philatelic Collections since 1891]:
The British Library Philatelic Rarities:
The Royal Philatelic Society London:
Just what it says    Tidbits of British Postal History
A collector's personal view of the stamps of Queen Victoria with Postal History Great Britain Victorian Stamps
A local history web site featuring part of the collection of Tom Fowler The Postal History of Carrick 
Victorian Postmarks - Russell Taylor    
Lanarkshire Postal History - Terry Woods   

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